SMG - GLI Assault Team

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German Light Infantry Assault Team

Sergeants Miniatures Game Soldiers

The German Light Infantry Assault Team brings all the tools necessary to get in close to assault an enemy position. The main assault force is one soldier armed with a MP40 sub-machine gun and one carrying a Mauser98 and a Panzerfaust for explosive firepower at short to medium range. Along with the long range fire support from two soldiers carrying Mauser98 rifles, this team is dynamic and effective.


  • 4 fully painted 20mm pewter miniatures
  • 4 sets of 8 cards, each with a soldier card and 7 action cards:
    • 1 MP40 armed soldier
    • 1 Mauser 98 Carbine armed with a Panzerfaust
    • 2 Mauser 98 Rifle soldiers
  • 4 bases and accompanying markers

*Requires Day of Days or Red Devils Starter Set*

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