SMG - USP Glider Assault Specialist Team

Price: $19.95

US Paratrooper Glider Assault Team

Glider Assault Team Contents

Sergeants Miniatures Game Specialist Soldiers

The US Glider Assault Team brings to bear tremendous automatic firepower, capable of keeping the enemy pinned down. Featuring a BAR and Thompson armed soldiers, this team is a welcome addition to any assault. These soldiers come with their basic playing cards but also 8 new Specialist cards that may include Story, Command, React and all new Equipment cards.


  • 1 - US BAR armed Figure with Base and markers
  • 1 - US Thompson Figure with Base and markers
  • 16 - US Glider BAR Specialist Cards
  • 16 - US Glider Thompson Specialist Cards

*Requires Day of Days Starter Set*

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1. on 12/29/2017, said:
5 stars out of 5
The extra cards make these soldiers tough
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