SMG - GLI Infiltration Tactics Module

Sergeants German Light Infantry Infiltration Tactics Module
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GLI Infiltration Tactics Module

GLI Infiltration Tactics Module Contents

Sergeants Miniatures Game Tactics Module

The German Light Infantry Infiltration Tactics Module adds team oriented tactics and abilities to your Light Infantry troops. Featuring specialized Tactics cards that allow teams of men to perform maneuvers as a cohesive unit with new React, Preempt and Commands cards. This Tactics module will certainly give your German force a fighting edge.

Also included are 16 Team cards that may include Command, Teamwork, React and all new Equipment cards.


  • 5 - Tactics Panels
  • 1 - Set of Smoke and Fire markers
  • 16 - GLI Infiltration Tactics Cards

*Requires Day of Days or Red Devils Starter Set*

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