SMG - GFU MG42 Specialist Team

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German Fusilier MG42 Team

Fusilier MG42 Team Contents

Sergeants Miniatures Game Specialist Soldiers

The German Fusilier MG42 Team brings to bear tremendous automatic firepower, capable of keeping the enemy pinned down. Featuring a MG42 and Ammo bearer, this team is a welcome addition to any assault or defense. These soldiers come with their basic playing cards but also 8 new Specialist cards that may include Story, Command, React and all new Equipment cards.


  • 1 - German MG42 armed Figure with Base and markers
  • 1 - German Mauser98 with Ammo Figure with Base and markers
  • 16 - German Fusilier MG42 Specialist Cards
  • 16 - German Mauser98 Ammo Specialist Cards

*Requires Day of Days or Red Devils Starter Set*

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