SMG - GFU Assault Specialist Team

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German Fusilier Assault Team

Fusilier Assault Team Contents

Sergeants Miniatures Game Specialist Soldiers

The German Fusilier Assault Team brings to bear awesome automatic firepower for assaults on the enemy. Featuring a STG44 and MP40 armed soldiers, this team is a welcome addition to any assault. These soldiers come with their basic playing cards but also 8 new Specialist cards that may include Story, Command, React and all new Equipment cards.


  • 1 - German STG44 armed Figure with Base and markers
  • 1 - German MP40 armed Figure with Base and markers
  • 16 - German Fusilier STG44 Specialist Cards
  • 16 - German Fusilier MP40 Specialist Cards

*Requires Day of Days or Red Devils Starter Set*

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