SMG - Brecourt Manor

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Brécourt Manor

Chapter 4 in the Day of Days Story

Brécourt Manor - Map and Cards

With this latest expansion for Day of Days, Brécourt Manor lets you recreate exciting battles - from overrunning enemy artillery guns, to weaving your forces in and around trench-lines and even storming Brécourt Manor itself, in fast paced scenarios.

The all new Landmark tiles and 16 variable trench map squares give more flexibility for building your own maps and stories. New Order cards featuring multiple objectives for more team oriented style gameplay and also including specialist trained characters Pvt. Fields (Infiltration Tactics) and Gef. Maier (Assault Tactics) for even more versatility! 


Brécourt Manor - Map and Cards
La Fière Bridge


  • 16 - Map Squares
  • 2 - Landmarks L7 and L18
  • Scenario Book (17 Scenarios) with new Team Oriented Order rules
  • Brécourt Manor Story Deck (64 Cards)
  • New Character Cards for Pvt. Fields and Gef. Maier (32 Cards)
  • 4 - 10 inch Borders
  • 2 - 5 inch Borders
  • 2 - Soldier Place mats
  • 2 - Action Deck Place mats
  • 2 - SMG Rulers
  • 2 - Soldier Place mats

*Requires Day of Days Starter Set*

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